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Homebrew rf signal generator

Audio Signal Generator (or AF Signal Generator) is often used in RF and AF base designing and experiments. In this article we introduce less complex AF signal generator based on commonly available electronic components. The heart of this AF signal generator is Intersil ICL8038 precision waveform generator/voltage controlled oscillator IC.

A signal tracer is simply an amplifier that can detect audio and RF signals and then play them through its built-in speaker. By tracing signals stage-by-stage through your radio you can find the issues that cause it to not play or play poorly. When you know which parts of the radio are working properly you can concentrate on suspect stages and. A Homebrew Microwave RF Power Meter. for. 100MHz - 12GHz . 12 October 2011. ... Feeding in a nominal 0dBm from the signal generator into Port 1 shows the measured level as being -0.2 dBm. The A/D value at this reading is 167 and the "analogue signal bar" for Port 1 is now showing 3 segments lit. Signal Generator RF Coupler for Transistor Radio Alignment (FY6900 & Others). RF Signal Generator RF Frequency Generator Source w/ OLED 35MHZ-4.4GHZ ADF4351.

555 Super-Regenerative IF HF Spectrum Analyser. A relatively unconventional but simple design HF spectrum analyser utilising a super-regenerative VHF IF for its log detector. Candidate utility category entry for the March 2011 555 Contest. 18.

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Description. HIC HP360 Digital RF Power meter is designed to measure 0.1 to 2.4GHz RF power. It displays the power value measured in the LCD clearly. That power meter is widely used in RF signal measurement, meters and instruments calibration, etc. Only three buttons, small portable simple design, it is an ideal low cost testing meter module. The XG3 is a miniature RF signal source that provides output from 1.5 MHz through 1400 MHz. Four commonly used selectable output levels are calibrated from 1.5 through 200MHz. The XG3 may be operated from its internal battery or from an external 11-14VDC source. It is housed in a protective enclosure with easy-to-use front panel switches and.

2018. 6. 6. · Homebrew SDR Ham Radio In 9 Parts. It used to be homebrew ham gear meant something simple. ... DDS clock signal (150MHz) is an external oscillator to minimize the phase noise. You can blow up the keying circuit in the transceiver the first time you try to key the amp. You can burn the relay contacts in the Amp's T/R relay.

The signal generator can output RF at any frequency in the range of the SDR hardware being used. For example, the Ettus B200 will output any frequency in the 50 MHz to 6 GHz range. Harmonics of the output signal can extend the range of usable signals to the mm-Wave spectrum.

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